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PAT Committees

Folder Communications Committee
Responsible for facilitating communications between the PAT Council and its constituents. Members for 2012 are TBD.
Folder Compensation and Benefits Committee
This committee reviews pay and benefit issues and makes recommendations to the PAT Council at large. We meet monthly and all PAT staff members are welcome to attend or join this committee. Members for 2012 are TBD.
Folder Executive Committee
The PAT Council Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and the Committee Chairs comprise the PAT Executive Committee. Members for 2012 are Judy Quist (Chair), Steve Myers (Vice-Chair), and Maggie Wells (Secretary).
Folder Nominations Committee
This committee handles all issues pertaining to elections and districting for the PAT Council. Members for 2012 are TBD.
Folder Professional Development Committee
This committee is charged with aiding PAT constituents looking to further their professional development. Members for 2012 are TBD.
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