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File PAT Council Goals 2011
File PAT Council By-Laws
The PAT Staff Council is a standing council of the university administration. It serves in an informational and advisory capacity to the President and bears responsibility and accountability to members of the PAT staff, which elects its members. The body adheres to these by-laws.
File PAT Council Navigation Guide
A compilation of tips and guidance by past PAT Council members.
File PAT Districts List
List of UNH/UNHM offices by PAT District.
Message Board PAT Message Board
This is a moderated message board/forum for PAT constituents to start a dialog with the council. Please note that YOUR comments will not show up until a PAT Council member can review and approve them. It may take a day or more for somebody to notice your post and approve it. In some cases we may choose to do the research and craft a response before making it visible. If you are not logged in, your posts are anonymous unless you add your name in your content.
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